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“Since our inception six years ago, Mackenzie Byrne have been hugely supportive and played a vital role in helping us grow rapidly, by introducing us to top quality lenders, equity providers and joint venture partners. They are a fundamental part of our team.”

  • Specialist Residential Development Finance Brokerage
  • Sourcing and structuring senior debt, stretch senior, mezzanine and equity
  • Helping developers save time, grow fast and build more

How We Work

Development Finance

Securing finance for a residential development project can be a complicated and laborious task. Each project is unique in its specifications and each lender is selective in their lending criteria. Knowing exactly how to package your project and who to present it to can save you time and frustration.

With our expansive network and extensive industry experience, we are able to quickly and efficiently secure senior debt, stretch senior and mezzanine finance from our roster of banks, challenger banks and non-bank lenders.

We ensure a smooth and well managed process where we will assess your project and produce a funding package, complete with our own financial models, to take to potential lenders and secure you the most competitive offer on your finance.

We will liaise with lawyers, valuers and surveyors, giving you the freedom to focus on what you do best – developing.

Development Equity

Many of the most successful developers will have more profitable projects available to them than immediately available capital. Having all your capital tied up in projects can be the one factor holding your organisation back from rapid expansion.

We work with a variety of equity providers that can provide this element of capital required to deliver viable, profitable projects.

Our equity partners include family offices, registered funds, private companies, High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors.

We assist in structuring equity agreements with appropriate development finance partners, sourcing you the equity needed to take advantage of all the opportunities presented to you.

Development Joint Ventures

Development joint ventures can be a creative method for ensuring you can secure the funding you need to develop your next project and expand your property business.

Whether you are an experienced developer in need of a silent partner to provide 100% of your costs, or an inexperienced developer needing an active partner to provide you with guidance and the bank with comfort, a joint venture could be the most appropriate vehicle for you to maximise your profits and minimise your risk.

We have excellent connections with a number of individuals and organisations interested in taking this more collaborative approach.

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Our Team

Joshua O'Leary

Joshua O'Leary

Director, Development and Structured Finance

Dominic O'Leary

Dominic O'Leary

Director, Development and Structured Finance

Sean O'Leary

Sean O'Leary

Director and Founder

Jake O'Leary

Jake O'Leary

Director, Communications and Sustainable Finance

Case Studies

5 Houses

Location: Selsdon, Croydon
GDV: £2.45m
Type: Senior Debt + Equity
LTC: 100%

13 Houses

Location: Ascot, Surrey
GDV: £10.7m
Type: Senior Debt
LTGDV: 65%

8 Houses

Location: Coulsdon, Surrey
GDV: £5.2m
Type: Senior Debt + Equity
Loan to Cost: 100%

5 Houses and 4 Flats

Location: Coulsdon, Surrey
GDV: £5.03m
Type: Senior Debt + Equity
Loan to Cost: 100%

8 Houses

Location: Paddock Wood
GDV: £4.5m
Type: Senior + Equity JV
Loan to Cost: 100%

Land with Planning

Location: Oxford
Loan: £1.4m
Type: Bridging
Loan to Value: 80%

4 Houses and 2 Flats

Location: Thornton Heath
GDV: £2.65m
Type: Senior Debt + Equity
Loan to Cost: 92%

7 Detached Houses

Location: Staplehurst, Kent
GDV: £4.92m
Type: Structured Finance
Loan to Cost: 95%

12 Houses

Location: Benenden, Kent
GDV: £5.02m
Type: Senior + Equity JV
Loan to Cost: 100%

14 Houses

Location: Canterbury
GDV: £6.58m
Type: Stretch Senior Debt
LTGDV: 70%

4 Houses

Location: Reigate, Surrey
GDV: £3.77m
Type: Senior Debt
LTGDV: 66%

9 Flats

Location: Coulsdon, Surrey
GDV: £3.91m
Type: Senior Debt + Equity
Loan to Cost: 100%

9 Houses

Location: Coulsdon, Surrey
GDV: £5m
Type: Joint Venture
Loan to Cost: 100%

9 Houses

Location: Headcorn, Kent
GDV: £2.57m
Type: Senior Debt + Mezz
Loan to Cost: 93%


“Both Sean & Joshua have been a delight to work with and went above and beyond in order to get a deal over the line. I was kept updated throughout the transaction and always knew what to expect next. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”


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Why Joint Venture?

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